Lens to screen

Increasingly complex and varied digital workflows mean that in recent years producers and production managers have struggled to ensure that their production pipeline – through shooting, editing and finishing – is an efficient one. We eliminate these obstacles from our client’s projects by providing turn-key solutions that include all aspects of shooting and post production in a single package, with technical support and crewing to make sure your production experience is smooth and efficient.

Lens to Screen is a complete end-to-end technical solution. From shooting with cinema standard cameras and lenses, accompanied by on-set DIT support, on-site editing, visual effects, grading, finishing and deliverables; it’s a one stop technical shop for all your production’s needs. As with all our product packages, lens-to-screen is fully scaleable to any productions requirements, whether it be a fledgling start-up short film or a much larger television or cinema production, we cater to your specific needs.

Using the finest acquisition and post-production tools, we deliver the highest quality images, whatever the final destination may be.

Shooting services are taken care of with our own set of RED Epic Dragon cinema cameras, paired with high-end cine Lenses from Arri/Zeiss and TLS; our images are of the highest possible quality and the choice of resolutions (up to 6k) makes your footage future-proof too.

Post production is handled with a carefully selected and broad toolset of top-tier hardware and software. Our fully featured suites contain a plethora of tools to fit the needs of every production, with Autodesk, Avid, Davinci and Adobe being just few of those available. With large capacity storage, fast connectivity and on-line interactivity, we provide 4k and HD finishing services that perfectly fit the needs of modern producers.

On set services

Fulfill your production’s full value by shooting with the cinema verified RED Dragon cameras paired with super sharp Zeiss Ultra Prime lenses.

We have two complete sets of RED Epic Dragon cameras, shooting up to 6k resolution in proprietary raw format, and a full set of six Zeiss Ultra Prime cine lenses.

Complementing the Arri primes we also have specialty lenses including the TLS Morpheus zoom, originally tailored for Roger Deakins work on the James Bond epic ‘Skyfall’ and a rehoused 18-35 wide angle zoom for more portable and practical rigging needs, such as use with our 3-axis gimbal system.

Our on-set setup also includes an extensive range of monitoring and support equipment from TV Logic, O’Connor, Bright Tangerine and Teradek amongst others.

To keep up with the most cutting edge of moving shot technology, we also offer a 3-axis gimbal camera support system, in the form of the highly rated DJI Ronin. Free your camera to move completely untethered and smoothly by combining the Ronin gimbal with our wireless monitoring and follow focus systems. Tracking, running, driving, make every shot breathtaking and completely smooth, with no need of post stabilization.

We have a fully customizable on-set DIT service, from a simple file backup to full scale edit assisting. Including instant RAID backup, first-light grading and RocketX accelerated transcodes of your RED files for editorial and viewing, on-set DIT is a modern must-have for any filmmaker serious about production.

Post production

Choose from a plethora of creative options in post production. Whatever the nature of your job, we have exactly the right tool for you.

If you have a long-form project with lots of media to manage, we’ll use Avid’s legendary media management tools to make sure that nothing is lost and that speed is undiminished.. If you have a short form job or a tight turnaround, we can use our Adobe tools and custom hardware to get you maximum quality in minimum time.

Or if your edit job also requires extensive VFX we’ll tackle it with the incredible Autodesk Smoke. Remove unwanted elements and add story enhancing matte paintings and 3D. We’ve been using these tools for many years and can fit them perfectly to your production’s needs.

Grade your show in standard HD or to take your work to the next level with a 4k finish. Watch the results on our in-house projector in the comfort of our grading suite as creative colour enriches and enhances story.

Watch your overall post production take shape, editing grading and effects, while enjoying the relaxed and comfortable environment of our offices. Located in the Creative Industries and Media Centre, an old, characterful converted Harris Tweed mill in the industrial heart of Stornoway.

Online collaboration

Stay up to date with everything that’s happening with your project, in real time,  via our on-line collaborative communications. View and add notes to rushes, edits or VFX shots on your phone, tablet or computer.

Compare versions side by side and actually draw or write your notes on the video files to get your message across to those working remotely for you. For more urgent communication, you can phone our offices at any time during work hours and have any queries or issues answered and resolved instantaneously.