Corran Media is a dynamic, friendly media services company based in the beautiful Western Isles of Scotland – an ever-changing location, with a rich story tradition, which inspires our creative ideals.

We use only the best available filming and post-production tools, combining them to create elegant, scalable solutions for our clients. From large scale drama production, to smaller music videos and online promotions, we tailor packages that perfectly fit your needs.

We provide complete technical solutions, meaning that in a world of complex digital workflows our clients don’t need to worry about trying to get production and post to work properly together. From high-end cinema cameras and lenses, through data handling, editing, grading, VFX and deliverables, we ensure that your production workflow is fully integrated.

We also make sure that you can keep creative control from wherever you are – communicating via fully featured on-line collaboration tools. This delegated approach means that you can leave the details to us and invest your time in what really matters – the creative side of your project.

As a company that has grown up through collaboration, we also relish being part of a bigger process. It can be as simple as picking and choosing the elements of service that you wish us to provide as part of a team that you’re putting together.

Get in touch today and find out how we can help you deliver your creative vision to the highest standard.