Drama is quickly becoming one of the stand-out favourite genres of modern TV audiences. From Nordic crime thrillers 'The Killing' and 'The Bridge' to the UK's very own 'Broadchurch' and award-winning 'Sherlock', the last few years have proved that drama is becoming ever more popular with television audiences around the world.

In Scotland we are experiencing a slowly growing portfolio of home-grown TV drama. In the last two years we've seen more and more Scottish drama productions coming to our TVs such as the popular island-set murder mystery 'Shetland' and the sci-fi, time-travelling epic 'Outlander'. Also the revamped version of the Shakespeare classic 'Macbeth', shot in the wilds of Skye coming to the big screen. 

Photography & Project by Innebo.comPhotography by Corran Media

Corran Media is delighted to be providing lens-to-screen services for Young Films’ highly regarded Gaelic language drama series Bannan. From shooting on Red Epic Dragons though edit facilities near location to delivering subtitled tape masters and tapeless deliverables, we provide a complete end-to-end technical solution.

This innovative approach means that our friends at Young Films waste none of their time managing dialogue between production and post production vendors, and because the workflow process is tightly managed from beginning to end, neither is money wasted on frustrating workflow related issues. 

Photography & Project by Innebo.comPhotography by Corran Media

Rushes are remotely backed up, transcoded and edited on the Isle of Skye, where filming takes place. Thereafter production staff, wherever they’re located, can monitor the progress of grades and other finishing tasks via our on-line collaborative environment, which enables a secure, interactive feedback process. This innovative process allows them to continue with their own work while we take care of their requirements.

Photography & Project by Innebo.com Photography by Corran Media

Corran Media has also been greatly honoured to be part of the team that delivered the award-laden children’s drama Katie Morag. Produced by Move On Up TV for CBeeBees, the stories of one little girl’s Hebridean upbringing have captivated the hearts of children and adults alike all over the world.


Photography & Project by Corran Media Photography by Corran Media

Corran Media provided grading and finishing services for all 39 episodes of Katie Morag, but more than that we were also provided VFX supervision services and completed the extensive VFX shots once the live action plates had been acquired. This was again a tightly managed process that delivered very strong value for the client.

Photography & Project by Innebo.comPhotography by Corran Media

Further to all that, we also played a central role in creating the highly distinctive opening title sequence. Working remotely with digital artists (Neilly Dubh, animator and digital environments creator Conrad Allan) we undertook the matte painting and final compositing required to realise director Don Coutts’s vision.

Corran Media helps our clients deliver the highest quality drama content efficiently and reliably, however varied their needs might be. Contact us to find out how our scalable and flexible approach can maximise the value of your own technical budget.