Post Production

Choose from a plethora of creative options in post production. Whatever the nature of your job, we have exactly the right tool for you. 

If you have a long-form project with lots of media to manage, we'll use Avid's legendary media management tools to make sure that nothing is lost and that speed is undiminished.. If you have a short form job or a tight turnaround, we can use our Adobe tools and custom hardware to get you maximum quality in minimum time.  

Or if your edit job also requires extensive VFX we’ll tackle it with the incredible Autodesk Smoke. Remove unwanted elements and add story enhancing matte paintings and 3D. We’ve been using these tools for many years and can fit them perfectly to your production’s needs.

Grade your show in standard HD or to take your work to the next level with a 4k finish. Watch the results on our in-house projector in the comfort of our grading suite as creative colour enriches and enhances story. 

Watch your overall post production take shape, editing grading and effects, while enjoying the relaxed and comfortable environment of our offices. Located in the Creative Industries and Media Centre, an old, characterful converted Harris Tweed mill in the industrial heart of Stornoway.