Paul Martin

Born in Edinburgh and brought up in Aberdeen, Paul moved to Stornoway for the latter part of his early life and education. An interest in every aspect of technology from a young age, he picked up a keen eye for photography and film in school years. Through constant practice and improvement Paul gained an invaluable foundation in composition and colour, allowing him to quickly acquire skills as a Colourist and Camera Operator after joining the company.

Meeting through a mutual interest in music and photography in the last two years of secondary school, Paul and John Murdo began to collaborate on small photo and video projects together. Find the best online casino New Zealand no deposit bonus and win jackpot! These projects allowed them both to gain great experience filming and photographing a vast range of subjects from weddings and music videos to short films and small commercials, constantly learning in the process.

Photography by Corran Media

The summer of 2013 was the beginning of Paul's professional career. After being given the opportunity to shoot some production stills on the set, he, along with John Murdo were taken on as a trainees in the camera department of the award-winning children's drama series Katie Morag. As the series drew to a close Paul was introduced to Angus, who was working in post-production on the program at the time. After some discussion and discovery of mutual interests and an opening at the company, he was taken on as staff shortly after.

Through working on programs such as Katie Morag, and Bannan, Paul has had the opportunity to work with and learn varied high-end camera systems such as the Sony F55, Canon C300, Arri Alexa and a thorough knowledge of our own RED Dragon systems. Having been a self-professed camera nerd, he takes great pleasure in working with the very best tools in the trade and creating great images with them. 

Paul has since learned a great deal through experience and progressed to being a digital colourist, camera technician and focus puller for the company, being able to thrive in a creative and technical environment.  


Paul's credits.   


Katie Morag - 1st AC + Digital Colourist (Series 2)

Bannan        - 1st AC + Digital Colourist

Jonathan's Army  - Digital Colourist

Briste [Short Film] - Cinematographer