John Murdo MacAulay

Hailing from the district of Point on the Isle Of Lewis, John Murdo MacAulay (Or JM for short) took up an interest in photography and film through an interest in mountain biking. During school he teamed up with coworker Paul and went on to create a number of short films and small commercial projects during school years and for a number of months afterward. Self-learning the basis of shooting and editing gave him a fantastic grounding to enter a career in TV and film.

After working on the children's drama Katie Morag in both stills and camera department, John Murdo and Paul met Angus who was also working on the show. After completing a course in computing at Lewis Castle College (UHI), John Murdo went on to join the company in June of 2014.

Photography by Corran Media

JM has gone on to learn a host of different roles in the company, from learning the ins and outs of our Autodesk Smoke editing systems, to directing a short film which went on to win the top prize at the FilmG awards in 2015. John Murdo is an adaptable and energetic member of the team who is always keen to learn new skills and improve on others. He also currently serves as the clapper-loader (2nd AC) on the Young Films' drama, Bannan.

John Murdo's credits.   


Katie Morag - 2st & 1st AC

Bannan        - 2nd AC (A Camera)

Jonathan's Army  - Second Camera and Data Wrangler

Briste [Short Film] - Director